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Cal Nexus LLC (formerly named SoCal Nexus, LLC) operates under Private Investigator license #188311 in the State of California. Cal Nexus® and SoCal Nexus® are protected character marks under international class 045.

Cal Nexus LLC is prepared to help you with investigations, research, intelligence and security consulting. It was formed by Chris Nelson in 2017.

Mr. Nelson was an FBI Agent for 26 years, followed by over 3 years as a Vice President and Investigator for JPMorgan Chase. He is experienced in white-collar, financial and internal employee investigations.
Cal Nexus LLC is licensed with the State of California and is located in Orange County. The company brings you extensive investigations and security experience from law enforcement and corporate perspectives.

Cal Nexus will leverage that experience to help you with your investigative, research, intelligence and security needs. logo                    Cal Nexus is Former JPMorgan Chase

Our Mission:

To strengthen our customers' personal and professional domains via outstanding investigative and security services.

If you are an attorney,
Cal Nexus help can you with:
  • Witness interviews and locates
  • Document analysis and review
  • Business reviews and surveys
  • Difficult process serves
  • Surveillance
  • Database searches via sources such as Trans Union (TLOxp) and DelvePoint (IRB)
  • Background research on individuals, including in-person interviews of their associates, their former employers, etc.
  • California DMV information, and DMV information from other states.
  • Social Media Research
  • Testimony
  • Organization and analysis of financial data
As an individual,
or as a business owner,
Cal Nexus can help you with:
  • Locating assets
  • Locating loved ones
  • Protection from Elder Financial Abuse
  • Investigation of employee theft and misconduct
  • Information on potential employees, business partners, associates or customers
  • Surveillance
  • Background information on persons with whom you or your loved ones associate, or plan to associate
  • Social Media Research
  • Information on competitors
  • Financial analysis

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Cal Nexus Services
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Cal Nexus Investigation

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Canada Nexus is Investigation for Canadians in California and the US

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About Cal Nexus

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Cal Nexus® trademark protection:

On December 10, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered "CAL NEXUS" as a standard character mark under international class 045 (serial #88304771; registration #5930567).

Cal Nexus® also owns the standard character mark SOCAL NEXUS® (USPTO registration #5584902; serial #87816716).

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Cal Nexus LLC is a licensed Private Investigator company located in Orange County, California. Cal Nexus® is managed by Chris Nelson and operates under California Private Investigator License # 188311.

Cal Nexus LLC maintians a free website where Former FBI Agents can list themselves so their contact information is available to the public. Please see for more information.

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